Introduction on the Center

Introduction on the Vocational C-ED Center


           ThaiCC School implemented formally the Chinese education since 2006. From the beginner developed as a professional Chinese training institution widely recognized by the society nowadays, the School has gone through more than a decade of arduous journey and has become an indispensable Chinese teaching brand in the Chinese communities in Thailand.

In mid-year 2010, we stood out of many Chinese teaching competitors in the educational field and won the Chinese training project from Kasikorn Bank, the best Foreign Exchange Bank in Thailand. Since then, we focused on the strong demand on the professional Chinese training from various institutions and introduced number of institutional training courses in response to different types of business. (please refer these characteristic courses by clicking this link:

                In the practicing process of Chinese training for the various institutions, we had accumulated a lot of experience in the aspects such as the diversification of teaching and learning, to configure the appropriate curriculum in response to the students’ need, to optimize the teaching methods, to improve teaching efficiency and to organize the well-qualified teachers, etc..

              In particular, we have prepared the phonetic textbook in condensed version merging with sound, picture and text. It led the zero-based students learning the right method of pronunciation within 15 hours and saved much cost and time for the basic learning which maximized the learning efficiency for students.

            We realized deeply that the existence of Chinese education is not independent from other cultural fields. Especially, impacted from internet development nowadays, the combination of Chinese education , cultural industries and Internet carrier is particularly important .

        Therefore, ThaiCC School, as an institute of Chinese culture dissemination under the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, a largest Chinese community in Thailand adopted others’strengths and searched for lots of professional personnel to build a multimedia classroom accommodating 14 computers running in the same time (refer this link: and prepared various vocational Chinese courses suitable all kinds of enterprises.

For instance:

  • Professional Chinese for Banking business
  • Professional Chinese for IT Business
  • Professional Chinese for Hotel business
  • Professional Chinese for Business for Tourist Guide
  • Professional Chinese for Retails Sale Business
  • Professional Chinese for Medical Service
  • Professional Chinese for Massage Service
  • Professional Chinese for Airport Service
  • Professional Chinese for Broadcasting Service
  • Professional Chinese for Commerce and Trading Business
  • Professional Chinese Tutor for Pre-Exam HSK
  • Professional Chinese for General communication    


If the above professional Chinese courses still haven’t met your institute’s Chinese training needs, you can kindly tell us your actual need via the contact method specified in this Website, we will design and compile an ideal course specially for you in the shortest possible time.


All in all, we are committed to create a modern vocational Chinese teaching platform for the corporations. Through the Internet carrier, we will make all kinds of localized curriculum development into application (APP) and distribute to the people having intent to strengthen their Chinese learning. Hopefully, through this modern media, the Chinese culture with 5,000 years history will be transmitted in a wider and more instantaneous style in this smile state.


We also provide services for various business as below. Will your institute need the following service?

  1. The professional Chinese training most suitable for your needs?
  2. Employing the qualified personnel good at Chinese?
  3. Asking your staffs participating the Chinese exam of HSK?
  4. Complying the Chinese curriculum belong to yourself?
  5. Documents Translation between Chinese, Thai and English?
  6. Conducting a cultural journey in Thailand/China or Travel learning?

As long as you have above requirements, you may scan any of the following QR code and add us as your friend in the on-line systems of WeChat, LINE or QQ, the Vocational C-ED center will be the best choice for your business cooperation.


More details about the Center, please refer the Vedio as below: