Rich Training Experience


  Our rich experience on Chinese training for institutions  

Various professional Chinese training courses which the Center integrated with teaching software package have been recognized by a lot of famous insitutions in Thailand including the following:

  • Kasikorn Bank, the best foreign exchange bank in Thailand(more than 30 sessions including more than 500 staffs);
  • Bank of China(Thailand)PCL.(2 sessions including more than 50 staffs);
  • Revenue Department 24th sub-branch located on Sathorn CBD district(3 sessions including about 70 staffs);
  • Enterprises Cultivation Center of Thonburi Rajabhat University(1 session including 16 staffs);
  • Thai Wah Starch PCL.(1 session including 17 staffs);
  • Jetanin Hospital(a famous medical institution specially at curing infertility )(1 session including 18 staffs);
  • Being translator for Klaynamthai Hospital; 
  • Asia Pacific H.O. of FAO-United Nations (6 sessions including 24 staffs);
  • Land & House PCL. (2 sessions including 7 staffs)
  • Belgium Ambassador in Thailand (Private class);
  • Being the consultant of the Chinese teaching programme, “Tokjeen-Chinese Banquet, Around the World” airon TV Channel 3, the TV station with most widely audience (broadcasting at 12:00 every Monday and Tuesday)since from September 2015
  • Goldenland Property Development PCL. (Private Classes 2 sections)
  • The Appeal Court  Division 7  (1 session including 71 staffs
  • Thai Tobacco Authority of Thailand (1 section including 25 staffs )
  • Hampton International School Chaengwattana (4 class including about 40 students)
  • Others ……………………………………………