Why us for Institutes’ CH Training?


  •         As a professional vocational Chinese training institution under Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Center has retained rich experience for foreign Chinese training.
  •         Since the year 2010, the Center recommended kinds of teaching software package supporting Chinese teaching to greatly improve the Chinese teaching efficiency and have been accepted by lots of corporations.

(The relevant experience can be referred the column of “Rich Training Experience” or click the link below: http://www.thaiccschool.com/en/训导经验-2

We have various Chinese curriculum for kinds of business such as the following :

口 1. Course C1:E-learning course (taught by the real teacher via the course in website)

口 2. Course C2:Quick teaching “PINYIN” with various multimedia method

口3. Course C3: Teaching Basic necessities in the context of Chinese and Thai

口4. Course C4: Chinese course for Banking and Finance

口5.Course C5: Chinese conversation for IT Business

口6.Course C6: 301 Sentences in Chinese conversation

口7.Course C7: Interactive Chinese

口8.Course C8: Chinese (Zhong Wen, Version of Qiaoban)

口9.Course C9: Proficient in Chinese taught by teacher using Video software

口10.Course C10: Chinese conversation for retailers

口11.Course C11: Chinese conversation for hotels

口12.Course C12: Chinese conversation for tourist guides

口13.Course C13: Chinese conversation for massage

口14.Course C14: Chinese conversation for hospitals

口15.Course C15: Cantonese conversation course with MP3

口16.Course C16: Teaching Chinese song with MV

口17.Course C17: Teaching Chinese typing with funny software

口18. Course C18: Teaching the software application for Chinese learning

口 19. Course C19: Chinese tutor before HSK Examination

口 20. Course C20: Teaching Chinese Philosophy and Confucianism with presentation in PowerPoint

口21. Course T1: Course Getting started using Thai language (For non-Thai students)


The details related to these curriculums can be referred the column of “Characteristic Courses”  or click the Link below:


If your institute has a long term plan of Chinese training on your staffs while these curriculum can’t meet your actual demand, then, we will consider to compile a new curriculum for you especially.