Training for  TAT (Tobacco Authority of Thailand)

Training for  TAT (Tobacco Authority of Thailand)

(Former named as TTM, Thai Tobacco Monopoly)

The Center has provided professional Chinese training for Tobacco Authority of Thailand (TAT)

After months of intense bidding for a specialist Chinese language training program of Tobacco Authority of Thailand in early year 2018, the Center won the tender of  Chinese training project again. 

Since from April 24 to mid-September 2018, we conducted a 90-hours professional Chinese training for TAT, a state-owned tobacco monopoly organization. 25 employees and supervisors from their marketing department jointly participated in this training course.

We produced mid-term and final tests on the listening and speaking for these 25 students respectively on 3 July and 10 Sept. 2018.  The test results indicated that all students passed this two examinations.

Above photo:  The exterior view of Tobacco Authority of Thailand.


Above photo : Arjarn Tanchanok (Liling Laoshi), chief of the Center went to the TAT H.O. to receive the bidding order and visited on Mr. Sorakorn Priyasut, Chief of Marketing Dept. , TAT.


Above photo: Mr. Kampol (Right), Dean of ThaiCC School and Arjarn Tanchanok (Middle) made a friendly conversation with Mrs. Priyanut, vice manager of Marketing Dept., TAT before the mid-term test for the 25 students on July 3, 2018.


Above photo: Mr. Kampol was encouraging the students to cherish this opportunity to learn the Chinese hardly.


Above photo:  this group from TAT was taking the test presided by Arjarn Tanchanok.


The following are the sample text compiled by the Center specially for the TAT.