C1: Chinese for kids

C1: Chinese for kids (Taught by English)

The following video and photo shows our kids teaching in our campus.




The following photo shows our staffs going into Hampton International Pre-school (Sathorn Campus) to carry on Chinese cultural activities for the kids.


The following videos and photos showed that our teacher was teaching Chinese for the kids in Hampton International Pre-school (Chaengwattana Campus)



1、The Center is the general agent for recruiting students and teaching Chinese via the famous Website : http://www.langlangchinese.com .  The students of the Center will enjoy the discounted price 20% less than whose contact directly to this website.

For instance, if you directly apply a 30 days (1 month) – online course for learning Chinese from this website,  you have to pay 30 USD (about 960 Baht).  However,  if you pay to our Center, you just need to pay 750 Baht for this one-month course.

2、 Instruction on the E-learning via website  http://www.langlangchinese.com

3、Whose interesting in E-learning can download the application form here http://www.thaiccschool.com/archives/634     and fully fill in it, then send back to the E-mail : thaiccschool@gmail.com.

4、After you pay for the above course, the Center will send you the password for E-Learning as soon as possible.

  • Feature:
  1. This is a Electronic Platform for Chinese Education according to the international standard.在线教学 (E-learning)中文教程
  2. It is a largest website for E-Learning in North America which has more than 300 school members.
  3. While the instructor teaches Chinese via the website, he/she will be interactive with the students. The class will be full of joy.
  4. You may pass YCT 1-4 examination after a short time E-learning.

(Remark: YCT-Youth Chinese Test is a Chinese level test held by the state-organization, “Hanban” for the foreign youth .)

  • Learning Object:
  • 1)The learner in new era who need to learn Chinese via new channel  such as online.
  • 2)The children whose parent can take care of them in home for their learning on-line.


The following files are the sample of lessons in the above Website. (Lesson “4A-5: What Sport do you like?) 

Text: 朗朗初级4A-5